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Northern Lights

It is very important to stay informed of what’s going on up north. Otherwise, you might end up missing out on tunes like Tomas Andersson’s hilarious remake of ‘Young Folks’ or Anna Ternheim’s haunting duet with Fyfe Dangerfield. Glad sommar.

Here’s the full track listing:

  1. Drum Rhythm A – Koop
  2. Little Girl – Hanne Hukkelberg
  3. My Gods – Laakso
  4. Running from Love feat. ADL – Freddie Cruger
  5. What Else is There feat. Karin Dreijer – Royksopp
  6. Young Folks – Peter Bjorn & John (Tomas Andersson remake)
  7. Parliament Square – Stina Nordenstam (the Knife remix)
  8. A Spire – Tape
  9. Misread – Kings of Convenience
  10. Lovers Dream feat. Fyfe Dangerfield – Anna Ternheim
  11. Heartbeats (the Knife cover) – Jose Gonzales
  12. Luke Skywalker – Broder DanielÂ

the wonderful world of audion

there’s an interesting space that exists between glacial timbres of minimal and the downright more workmanly approach of techno. two worlds collide. the nun meets the porn star and they hit it off.

such is the kind of space that audion inhabits. i first came across this guy with the spellbinding 12.54(!!) minutes of ‘mouth to mouth’. wondrous in it’s depth of engagement. although i would concede it is a bit tough to play out on a friday night at smarties.

but where was he from? who was he? it’s taken me until now (rubbish researcher that i am) to discover that he’s none other than that ‘beck’ of the minimal scene – matthew dear. ah.. that explains a lot.

the audion moniker takes him closer to the output of labels like minus and ovum. it’s dark. it’s edgy. and it lends itself perfectly to flash old-skool techno style mixing. as is deftly performed here by ryan elliot.

a 21 minute punch in the face to those who say house music’s had it.

marcus (broadcast family)

Loveable mop-top Daddy Marcus is well-known as a DJ who has never been afraid to keep his sets eclectic…

Marcus grew up in a house where Jazz, Disco and Country and Western were the favoured sounds (The first gig he attended was Johnny Cash and the Carter Family when he was 9) and everyone who’s heard his weekly 5 hour Sunday night sets at Brighton’s 3&10 Bar will know that he has maintained a child-like curiosity and passion for just about every type of music.

Expect to hear: Sarah Vaughan, Lemonjelly, DFA, Eddie Cochran, Skeewiff, Anita O’Day, Jeannie C Reilly, Freddie Cruger, Marcia Griffiths, Labbi Siffre, Blue Rondo Al A Turk, Japan, Dennis Edwards, Stevie Wonder, Georgie Fame, Happy Mondays, Hint, Lou Rawls, The Sweet, William De Vaughan, Louis Jordan, Quincy Jones, Susheela Ramaan and much much more…

part 2

there was a reason why i broke this up, but now i can’t remember what it was. anyway, part2 looks like this:

8. a silver mt zion – built then burn
9. kevin sheils – ikebana
10. lien – ab&c
11. mogwai – superheroes of bmx
12. sigur ros – svefn g englar
13. sigur ros – vaka
14. a silver mt zion – movie never made
15. a silver mt zion – thirteeen angels standing guard round the side of your bed

there was no reason for the silly amount of silver mt zion though..

radio 4a backup recording

so, this friday i thought i was recording the all time top 100 show but it turned out that didn’t go on air for technical reasons.

however, the silver lining is the backup show: some funked up/mashed up house and breaks. quite a storming selection. i was going to pull it, but then i just couldn’t bring myself to do it.


mr gasparov on why bristol matters

a fine cut-up featuring some of the most important dubstep artists around at the moment.

[Track Listing]

SKREAM – Rutten
COKI – Tortured
JUJU – Red Up
GEIOM – Feel So Bad
MR. GASPAROV – Grasshoper
2 BAD MICE – Bombscare (94 mix)
MILANESE – So Maleable (Cold Mix)
LOEFAH – Twis’ Up (Youngsta & Task Remix)
COKI – Oficcer
ALTER EGO – Rocker (Plastician Remix)
M.R.K. 1 – Slope § MALA – Left Leg Out
SKREAM – Smiley Face

popround regularly for more from mr gasparov, we hope.

thomas h. green

Thomas H Green is a writer and a DJ.

After a false start in the late ‘80s, mistakenly believing there was demand for dissolute beatnik poets, Thomas H discovered he could make a few bob writing about raves. He did this throughout the ‘90s for the likes of DJ and Muzik until the dance press commercially tanked a few years ago. He now writes and reviews for the Telegraph, Q, and Mixmag about anything from sludge metal to Czechoslovakian surrealism (and rave, old and new, of course), and edits the webzine He also co-promotes and DJs (as one half of the Crack Daddies) at Dirty Weekend at the Ocean Rooms. He has a rather old-fashioned view of popular music as a visceral sociological presence and is fascinated by it. There will be no Kooks songs in his All Time Top 100.

Instead, expect: Otis Redding, The Leather Nun, A Tribe Called Quest, The Klaxons, Johnny Cash and some bangin’ hard house…

this month we have a sample from the beginning of thomas’ countdown…

Ahh Happy!

I generated this mix because I wanted to listen to something that would put a smile on my face in a time of angry. This mix makes me smile just like Lily Allen makes me smile :) Enjoy!

The tracklist:

Young Folks – Peter Bjorn and John
Chelsea – Stefy
Wolf Like Me – TV On The Radio
Wraith Pinned to the Mist – Of Montreal
Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt – We Are Scientists
Everyone Gets a Star – Albert Hammond Jr
Alfie – Lily Allen
North American Scum – LCD Soundsystem
Punkrocker – Teddybears
O Valencia! – The Decemberists
Energy – The Apples in Stereo
Jane Fonda – Micky Avalon
Keep the Car Running – Arcade Fire
Rally – Phoenix
Australia – The Shins
Hang Me Up to Dry – Cold War Kids
Naive – The Kooks

emoware returns

two months late and only half a playlist, a lot quiter one though.

1. a silver mt.zion – babylon was built on fire
2. sigur ros – popplagio
3. a silver mt.zion – sit in the middle of three galloping dogs
4. autour de lucie – avril en october
5. yann tiersen – comptine dun autre ete
6. radiohead – how i made my millions
7. a silver mt.zion – triumph of our tired eyes

second half to come soonish