hip hop wish list

best of old, best of new from the wonderful totally radio.

Ultimate Force – I Ain’t Playin

Grand Puba – 360 (What Goes Around)

Leaders Of The New School – What’s Next (Large Professor Remix)

Diamond D – Freestyle (You That’s That Sh*t)

Tribe Called Quest – Scenario

EPMD Crossover

Big Daddy Kane – Ain’t No Half Steppin’

Ohmega Watts – That Sound (Quantic Soul Orchestra Mx)

Chubb Rock – Treat ‘Em Right

Marley Marl – The Symphony

Down South – Southern Comfort

Gangstarr Just To Get A Rep

Pete Rock & C.L.Smooth – Straighten It Out

Brand Nubian – Drop The Bomb

DJ Mentat Ft Skinnyman – When I Give My Hear To You

Mark Ronson Ft Ghostface/Nate Dogg/Trife – Ooh Wee

Perceptionists Ft Humpty Hump – Career Finders

Dirty Diggers For The Haters

Dangermouse & Gemini – The Only One

Nas – Get Down

Phi-Life Cypher – Rap It Up

Ghostface & Pete Rock – Be Easy

Fallacy – Big & Bashy

Kanye West Gold Digger

Common – Go

Blacksheep – The Choice Is Yours

De La Soul Ft Zhane – 4 More

Rodney P Ft Kymani Marley – The Nice Up

Ty – Do You Want More?

roquette dub – a netlabels mix

i’ve been ploughing through netlabels again, that rich source of electronica. textone is the label that features the heaviest here, as well as a handful of dub techno releases. most on the minimal side but couldn’t help veering off in the direction of techno towards the end.

The River Of Grace – Taho
waterlevel – Mr tim
transform – digitalis
feedback brother – raumton
Moonlight Dub – Leif
translucido – hermetico
Black Skyline – Neurotron
Trebol2 – Dubjack
Romantic 192 – Jambi
Hold Me – Markus
rts – movem.l
Back to Basics – Starch Boy
Trebol 4 – Dubjack

parfum des oreilles

to kick things off here’s the latest collection culled from the web. a lingering nod to brighton with tracks from the brakes (who have recently been remixed by kahuna and matthew herbert) and the hat. definitely check those bands out.

here’s the tracklist:

Someday You Will Be Loved – Death Cab For Cutie
I Love You – Madrugada
Cat Power – The Greatest
With Arms Outstretched – Rilo Kiley
Hope There’s Someone – Antony And The Johnsons
From My Own True Love (Lost At Sea) – The Decemberists
Open Hearts – The Hat
Tale from Black – Tuung
Lights – Editors
Nothing But Green Lights – Tom Vek
All Night Disco Party – Brakes
Big City Life – Mattafix
Can’t Go For That – PJ Pooterhoots
All Night – Damian Marley
Teardrop – Elbow

hip-wiggling house from suburban

david lara of suburban tracks shows off some of the more percussive side of european techno-house. does seem to get a little carried away in the middle with some swirling synth lines that ended up giving trance such a bad name in the ‘nineties, but delivers towards the end with some belching baselines and driving latin rhythms.
see how a little bit of barcelona in your soul works wonders at this time of the year.

the excellent managerie

let’s hope murdoch doesn’t murder myspace. for the moment such a great place for smaller artists to air their stuff. just like the managerie tracks you can discover on nick maxwell’s page.

if you thought hip hop couldn’t break free from the bitches/bling mind-void then check out the lyrical content on ‘ice cream’. neat use of twirly bits of swing woodwind too. reminiscent of jimmy luxury. now whatever happened to him…

Les Inrocks best of 2005

well, here it is – the best of 2005 courtesy of the guys at Les Inrocks. funny to see how strong the uk focus is over here on the continent. hard to pick stand-outs as it really is a good compilation but for me have to be anthony and the johnsons, vitalic (he that was so good at bestival) and, dare i say it, franz ferdinand.

enjoy. (will add the tracklisting if i can find it online – my powers of search in the french medium are severely limited).