posting guidelines


ok, just to be clear, these are only guidelines and, as with all guidelines, are generally broken/ignored/abused by those who create them. your channel is yours to do with as you will. rant, whine, inform, educate treatize, soliloquize or mumble on the boundaries of coherence. as long as there is some dubious/tenuous link to music, publish to your heart’s desire.

at the moment there is no limit to the amount of stuff you can put up. we have around 15 GB of space and we’re not expecting to run out anytime soon. popround and post as often as you feel.

having said all that, popround is a mixtape site, so posting a mixtape once in a while would be heavily appreciated.

what you’ll get

so, you’ll have your own channel named whatever nickname you choose. latest posts will be on the homepage, with a link through to your channel. here’s a channel example:

there’s no limit to the number of posts you can make but ideally each channel should be updated at least once a month.

next step >> setting up an account

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