adding music to posts

there are just a few steps to go through to adding music to your posts. the music can be anything, but will most commonly will be:- links to other mp3’s or music files on the web

the easiest way to link to a music file on another website is just to add some text that you want to link, click on the ‘chain’ icon, and enter the web address for the links (eg. this will create a link within the post. if the link is in mp3 format, then the system will pick this up and on the published post you will see an extra link next to the boombox icon and allow the music file to be played through the ‘stream this page’ feature. any problems, then get in touch.

your own music/mixes

if you want to upload your own music files (eg. a playlist, mixtape or live recording) then there are a couple of steps to go through. you can also find help on creating mp3’s (link below):

1) upload the music file

you will need to transfer (upload) the files from your computer to your popround space. when you signed up you will have been sent a link to an upload service (filechucker). you can upload as many tracks as you want, up to a limit of 120MB.

note that it can take about an hour to upload a one hour mix (128k mp3) so you may have time to mend the goldfish bowl, water the dog, juice some raw liver… once uploaded, you will see the urls for your files. they’ll be something like this:

2) link to the file

just cut and paste the urls for the files into your wordpress post, and hey presto – you’ve put your music online and advertised it to the (internet-ready) world.

other info >> creating mp3s

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