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Northern Lights XIX

I know I should be packing at the moment. And Christmas shopping. And learn Polish. And sort out a million and one other things that moving from Cambridge to Krakow via Christmas celebrations in Stockholm involve.

It’s just that I’m a little bit infatuated with every track below so I thought I’d spread the love.

  1. Modern drift – Efterklang
  2. Dust if off – The Dø
  3. One piece concept – ASS
  4. Alike – Efterklang
  5. The fox – Niki and the Dove
  6. Scale it back – DJ Shadow and Little Dragon
  7. The bridge is broken – The Dø
  8. Ledmotiv – Tvärvägen
  9. Sundog – Niki and the Dove
  10. Aint nobody laughing at me – ASS
  11. I was playing drums – Efterklang
  12. Moon (Ridu remix) – Björk
  13. DJ ease my mind (acapella) – Niki and the Dove
  14. Spaceherosuites – Those dancing days
  15. I can’t find my knife – Tvärvägen

The last song is dedicated to the brilliant Simply Krav Maga club in Cambridge. Keep fighting guys : )