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Better days ahead

So said Jimi Polo all the way back in 1989 over the top of one of dance music’s most memorable piano riffs. But then house music in those days was all about gay black kids coming up with funky piano snippets on their Utopian search. Oh, how far we’ve come.

So, here it is, my latest mixtape, after much procrastinating (in part brought on by an interest in listening to the mixtapes of others over on the Harry Covert channel. As always, there are a smattering of offerings lifted from other music blogs, but I’ve also been dipping back into past tracks – some from Beatport, others from Netlabels.

I Remember (Caspa Remix) – Deadmau5
Dreamy ethereal house gets a dubstep retrofit courtesy of Caspa

The LSD User – Stagga
Deeeeep bass workout

Pon Da Floor (Vinnie, Donnie & Sjakie remake) – Major Lazer
Mindless football chanting from Diplo and Switch under the Major Lazer guise

Acid Machine – Mike Mind
All these years have passed and I’m still a sucker for acid squelching and burps

Sweeter Than (Original Mix) – Audiofly
Audiofly tech workout with a liberal dose of funk

Better Days – Jimi Polo
“There’s gonna be…”. Here’s hoping it all worked out well for Jimi Polo in the end

Jack got Macked – Julio Bashmore
What a beauty. laidback groove overlaid with delicate piano riff and that falsetto ‘jack’ statement

Aundy – Claude VonStroke
Claude Von Stroke continues on that blissful vibe

All Of My Heart – ABC
dug up some old vinyl i’d burnt and lo and behold I’m singing in the shower

Say U Will (Cajual Records) (Original Mix) – Cajmere, Dajae
serious slab of trademark chicago house

Foonky – René Breitbarth
another fine riff. credit the electric guitar this time round

Egypt Egypt – Egyptian Lover
i’m afraid this takes me back to breakdancing round my bedroom to the bemusement of my poor ailing mum

Let It Roll – Doug Lazy
there will forever be a place in my heart for hip house. and doug lazy was one of the finest purveyors. “i’m like the porche and not the yugo” – a piece of motor history right there

Dusty Dream (Dub) – Snowcone
italo house rip-off (although fair do’s, wasn’t most italo house ripped off?)

A Volta (feat. Sizzla, Amanda Blank & Lovefoxxx) (Database remix) – N.A.S.A
A maximal workout that keeps references to the original to a minimum

Bless You (Trentemøller Remix) – Lulu Rouge
A perfect pairing in the world of deeeep house music

Gazebo (Joe and Will Ask? rmx) – Fairmont
Masterful 4×4 glitch updated

The Messiah – Le Castle Vania + Computer Club
Screaming for attention

Bigmouth Strikes Again (David Starfire remix) – The Smiths
I’ve been dying to get this into a mix for a while now

SXSW and thereafter

img_0234What a surprisingly delightful place Austin turned out to be. Not exactly sure why I have this latent distrust of Texas; after all you’d have thought I’d have lived through enough racism not to fall into the trap of tarring all with the same brush. But yes, for some strange reason I expected all Texans to live on ranches and spend their spare time regaled in cowboy boots and sturdy hats.

Austin was different. We stumbled into a gay cowboy bar but that was about the extent of that metaphor. The kids were all goth, punk or hip hop. That reflected the live music just about everywhere you turn. And thrown in the mix were a smattering of dance acts, many of whom I’ve featured here…

AA 24/7 (Diplo Remix) – Dance Area
You’ll hear more from Diplo later but this was just a little snippet of what happens to banal acapellas in the hands of a bootie maestro.

Positif (Pink is Punk Remix) – Mr Oizo
He warbles and he’s messy. Welcome to the tripsodasical mind of Mr Oizo. Oh, and watch him turn the tune in a direction you just couldn’t have dreamed when the French woman screams ‘arrêt‘.

Bounce Up – Kyle Watson
Funk + fidget = some quite serious ‘bounce’.

She Got It (Cheap As Chimps vs HeavyFeet Remix) – HeavyFeet
Touring as a three-man DJ/MC combo, these guys cite influences as diverse as Jesse Rose, Timbaland and Old School Rave – all of which are papable, even after Cheap As Chimps have been involved in a thorough scrubbing.

High Roller (iamxl remix) – Ice T
If you do tune into these mixes, you’ll probably know that I’m a sucker for a remix. This time Ice T gets a royal dust-off.

They Live! (Felix Cartal remix) – Evil Nine
The break beat stomper from Evil Nine gets some high throttle disco slapped on top.

Missing You (Howard Who Remix) – Everything But The Girl
See, I told you I was a sucker for the remix. There’s more to come, so just get used to it.

Muscimol (Joachim Spieth Remix) – Bjîrn Scheurmann
Just a little patch of going in deep.

Bot (Original Mix) – Deadmau5
And here the the techno/trance maestro shows how seemingly different genres can come together.

Congoloid (Minimow Remix) – Solo
African rhythms are everywhere these days. From Township Funk through to Diplo you cannot escape. The same here.

Tanya Stephens – “It’s a Pity” (Lulu Rouge Bootleg)
Spellbinding accordian-led dancehall 2-step. Tanya Stephens is new to me, but Lulu R has set me on a track to find out more.

Nadastrom lay down chunky maximal beats on top of Lil Wayne going off on one.

Syrupsniph – Flunk
Dubby, twangy, electro.

WTF (DJ Wool remix) – Tittsworth
I know you shouldn’t have regrets but do wish I’d caught one of T’s SXSW shows.

Must Be A Devil (CSY remix) – Diplo
Here he is again – just couldn’t resist it. This time CSY is pulling the levers.

My Teenager Gang – Minilogue
I actually didn’t realize this slab of techy funk was Minilogue til’ the mix was done.

Darkness.2 (Edit) – James Zabiela
Driving harder, interspersed with as great little ‘pop’.

Black Music (One Kitten vs Chris T-T Remix) – Chris T-T
Anti-folk like you’ve never heard it before.

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