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For the love of Miuosh

Two years in Poland have taught me that there is more to this country than vodka. It is also full of ace hip hop in general and of Miuosh in particular.

Language barrier? Äsch. Isn’t most communication non-verbal anyway? But OK, you may want to check the online Urban Dictionary for meanings of kurwa and ja pierdole.


Wiecej niz mozesz (Piata strona swiata, 2011)
Na zawsze (Prosto przed siebie, 2012)
Sado feat Textyl (Pogrzeb, 2009)
Matka i krew (Prosto przed siebie, 2012)
Swiatlo (Nowe swiatlo, 2013)
Zly (Pogrzeb, 2009)
Kazde (Piata strona swiata, 2011)
Born sinner feat JWP (Nowe swiatlo, 2013)
Barwy szczescia (Pogrzeb, 2009)
Szczury (Prosto przed siebie, 2012)
Sam (Nowe swiatlo, 2013)
Nie zamykaj dzisiaj drzwi (Nowe swiatlo, 2013)
Fejmhejter (Nowe swiatlo, 2013)
Roze z betonu (Prosto przed siebie, 2012)
Chronos (Piata strona swiata, 2011)

Sóley and my local laundrette

During my first couple of months in Krakow, I found myself living in a small apartment without a washing machine, prompting regular visits to the local laundrette.

Luckily for me, Frania Cafe and laundrette proved to be something out of the ordinary: a combined cafe, bar, art gallery with local artists and free wifi-spot. Plus a constant supply of good music. Like Sóley’s Theatre Island, for example.

Sóley is a pianist and singer from Iceland who used to be in Seabear, if I’ve understood things right. Theatre Island is from 2010 but she also released the album We sink in 2011 which is also very good.

Listen to Theatre Island and The sun is going down II on YouTube.