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Best of the blogs for 2009

Here it is – getting on the 2009 teary nostalgia tip like a bunch of other Poprounders (thug wife, doc and yari, who covered the whole noughties).

Most of these tracks have been hacked off the blogs I monitor. Definitely veering on the side of taught electronic production, and me like all the other bloggers is a sucker for the crafty remix so there’s more than a few featured here.

Chelonis R Jones – Rehabilitation (Excerpt)
Kleerup – Until We Bleed (With Lykke Li)
Can you feel it – Barack Obama mix
Vancouver – Felix Cartal
I Remember (Caspa Remix) – Deadmau5
Mr Oizo – Gay Dentists
M.I.A. – Death to the throne
WTF (DJ Wool remix) – Tittsworth
Bot (Original Mix) – Deadmau5
Black Music (One Kitten vs Chris T-T Remix) – Chris T-T
Jack got Macked – Julio Bashmore
Tanya Stephens – “It’s a Pity” (Lulu Rouge Bootleg)
Bigmouth Strikes Again (David Starfire remix) – The Smiths

If you’re interested in more like this, check out this listing of mp3 downloads from time to time.

What’s in store for 2010? Looks like dubstep is fragmenting yet still enjoying a share of the hype/limelight. Personally, can’t wait to get to SXSW in Austin!

SXSW and thereafter

img_0234What a surprisingly delightful place Austin turned out to be. Not exactly sure why I have this latent distrust of Texas; after all you’d have thought I’d have lived through enough racism not to fall into the trap of tarring all with the same brush. But yes, for some strange reason I expected all Texans to live on ranches and spend their spare time regaled in cowboy boots and sturdy hats.

Austin was different. We stumbled into a gay cowboy bar but that was about the extent of that metaphor. The kids were all goth, punk or hip hop. That reflected the live music just about everywhere you turn. And thrown in the mix were a smattering of dance acts, many of whom I’ve featured here…

AA 24/7 (Diplo Remix) – Dance Area
You’ll hear more from Diplo later but this was just a little snippet of what happens to banal acapellas in the hands of a bootie maestro.

Positif (Pink is Punk Remix) – Mr Oizo
He warbles and he’s messy. Welcome to the tripsodasical mind of Mr Oizo. Oh, and watch him turn the tune in a direction you just couldn’t have dreamed when the French woman screams ‘arrêt‘.

Bounce Up – Kyle Watson
Funk + fidget = some quite serious ‘bounce’.

She Got It (Cheap As Chimps vs HeavyFeet Remix) – HeavyFeet
Touring as a three-man DJ/MC combo, these guys cite influences as diverse as Jesse Rose, Timbaland and Old School Rave – all of which are papable, even after Cheap As Chimps have been involved in a thorough scrubbing.

High Roller (iamxl remix) – Ice T
If you do tune into these mixes, you’ll probably know that I’m a sucker for a remix. This time Ice T gets a royal dust-off.

They Live! (Felix Cartal remix) – Evil Nine
The break beat stomper from Evil Nine gets some high throttle disco slapped on top.

Missing You (Howard Who Remix) – Everything But The Girl
See, I told you I was a sucker for the remix. There’s more to come, so just get used to it.

Muscimol (Joachim Spieth Remix) – Bjîrn Scheurmann
Just a little patch of going in deep.

Bot (Original Mix) – Deadmau5
And here the the techno/trance maestro shows how seemingly different genres can come together.

Congoloid (Minimow Remix) – Solo
African rhythms are everywhere these days. From Township Funk through to Diplo you cannot escape. The same here.

Tanya Stephens – “It’s a Pity” (Lulu Rouge Bootleg)
Spellbinding accordian-led dancehall 2-step. Tanya Stephens is new to me, but Lulu R has set me on a track to find out more.

Nadastrom lay down chunky maximal beats on top of Lil Wayne going off on one.

Syrupsniph – Flunk
Dubby, twangy, electro.

WTF (DJ Wool remix) – Tittsworth
I know you shouldn’t have regrets but do wish I’d caught one of T’s SXSW shows.

Must Be A Devil (CSY remix) – Diplo
Here he is again – just couldn’t resist it. This time CSY is pulling the levers.

My Teenager Gang – Minilogue
I actually didn’t realize this slab of techy funk was Minilogue til’ the mix was done.

Darkness.2 (Edit) – James Zabiela
Driving harder, interspersed with as great little ‘pop’.

Black Music (One Kitten vs Chris T-T Remix) – Chris T-T
Anti-folk like you’ve never heard it before.

More info

the pics that made it through Picasa
thug wife’s favorites from SXSW

The parentals in town: best of the blogs, mix 5

February meant visits from all the family – both sides descended on our small flat. Quite a horde. San Francisco showered them with rain and I regressed back into my teenage past. And talking of my teenage past, for this mix I’ve resurrected some hip house hits of yore. Beware, I’ve been excavating more classics so this theme is set to run in future mixes.


The D.O.C – Portrait of a Masterpiece
An old Dre-produced number refurbished by the great CJ Makintosh. Not quite sure what happened to that guy.
Kellerkind – Natural Juice (Original Mix)
Clippity tech funk with a nice clean bassline.
Chelonis R Jones – Rehabilitation (Excerpt)
Gospel acapella suffused with warbling undertones.
Ladyhawke – Magic (Cates &dpL Make Magic Bootleg)
Ladyhawke has been cutting across both the indie and dance scene. This remix places the track firmly in the big room dance scene lifting just light touches of vocals.
Motor City Drum Ensemble – Lonely One (Original Mix)
Ah, deep house/Balearia moment of sheer brilliance. These guys are the shiz…
The Modest Theme – Tiefschwartz Remix
Dark rumbling beats sliced with horns.
Radio Slave – RJ
Just wait for the baseline pitch shift and see what happens to the hairs on the back of your neck.
Ritmo del Sol – Captivity (Cito’s Quechua Solo mix) (Scott Wozniak edit)
Boom boom boom. And then she croons.
Robert Boogert – On My Knees (Dubbel Dutch Remix)
Simmering African rhythms.
Seduction – Free your body
“I get dumb”. Wendell Williams does vocal duties on this C&C Music Factory-produced stomping B side.
Mr Oizo – Gay Dentists
The Flat Eric man is back. And he’s still not afraid to bend genres.
Milton Jackson – Backwards Disco
What it says on the packet.
Hardfloor – Melorec
One of the 303 don’s lesser-known numbers.
Can you feel it – Barack Obama mix
The comparisons between Barack and MLK have been swirling for a while now. Switching the ‘I Have a Dream’ speech for Barack’s inaugural outing really shows just how similar are the oratory styles of these two greats.
Congorock – Exodus (Boy Boy remix)
Some more crazed synchopated African drumming.
Dj Cleo – Mind Ckuf
Similar vein although the melody line hooked me on this one. Haven’t I heard that before somewhere?
Audion – Noiser (Mary Velo Remix)
Matthew Dear’s other, more boisterous guise.
Lionrock – Packet of Peace (Chemical Brothers Remix)
Justin Robertson’s Balearic romp welded into a heavy dub vehicle.
Frankie Knuckles – Your Love (Dusty Kid Remix)
A lesson in how to play with a dominant theme yet still build drama and excitement.
M.I.A. – Death to the throne
Apparently 3 vocal segments are the building block of this bruiser from a Lil Wayne associate.

Clear out the cobwebs: Best of the blogs mix 4

This latest installment in the Best of the Blogs series in some ways becomes a continuation of the recap of 2008 posts we’ve been running. Many of these tracks showed up on other blogs’ lists of the best of 2008.

Maybe it’s because it’s winter and the days are short,  maybe it’s because I have a latent need to party, maybe it’s because I’m getting old and need to listen to music to keep me up; whatever it is, this particular selection is definitely one of the more upfront mixes I’ve put together. I hope you enjoy.


Mr. Oizo – Bruce Willis is Dead
The ‘flat beat’ maestro is back. Bruce Willis didn’t make it, though.

AC Slater – Jack Got Jacked
“In the beginning there was a groove…” and then this groove got completely reworked by AC Slater’s crazy techno proto-house.

Souldiers of Fortune – Jungle Boogie (Ryan Riback’s Get Down Remix)
Another rework of an older number. I was never that keen on the Kool & The Gang original (popularized by Tarantino in Pulp Fiction). This dubbed-out remix I can deal with, though.

K.I.G – Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes
Apparently this is doing the rounds on the UK Urban scene. Beware – heavily addictive. Fun video to boot.

AC Slater – Party Like Us (Original Mix)
Another stomper from that man Slater.

Justice – We Are Your Friends (Disco Villains Remix)
The Justice bomb gets a reworking from the Disco Villains crew.

Dani Deahl – Poppin’ Bottles (House Moguls remix)
Infectious beepline running through this jittery slab of electro-tech.

Larry Tee – I Love U (Bart B More Secured Dub)
I’m afraid I’m not sure where this corker came from, but the raw thump of the bass is what snagged me.

Jesper Dahlbäck – Spagat (Flanger)
Raw screwed up techno.

Database – Go Go Go
Throw your hands up in the air. In an old skool kind of way.

M.I.A. – Boyz (The Twelves Remix)
The Twelves do a fine job on one of the hit tracks of the last 12 months.

The Disco Villains – Jalisco Intro No.3
Those Disco Villains are back. Just when you think it can’t get any nuttier, it yodels.

Morgan Page – The Longest Road (Deadmau5 Remix)
Not quite sure where this trancey little number came from. But Deadmau5 has done a fine job tweaking Morgan Page’s vocal trance.

Mike Monday – I Am Plankton (GLUG GLUG DUB)
Blob. Blob. Blob.

Kleerup – Until We Bleed (With Lykke Li)
Lykke Li has built up quite an indie following. Here her vocals are perfectly matched with a delicately-inflected beat.

Cut Copy – Hearts On Fire (Aeroplane Pop remix)
Aeroplane, the dahlings of the emerging Balearic scene get their blissed-out paws on this Cut Copy hit.

R.S.A.G – Days Go By
This one dropped from the moon. Seriously, I have no idea where this came from. Heavily reminiscent of The Doors, this is one well-crafted ballad.